Strive to create a better tomorrow for people
Management Team
Personal Profile
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Indiana University, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Novartis Genomics Institute, USA
Visiting Scholar, National Center for Disease Control, USA
Former Chief Scientist of AstraZenca's Global R&D Department
Derek Yu
CEO&Chief Scientist
Personal Profile
Was once awarded the top ten marketing figures in China in 2005
Original Wei Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Former Director of the Accounting Teaching and Research Office of Central South University of Finance and Economics
Former Gen
Zhang Xuebin
Chairman of the Board
Personal Profile
Doctorate in Economics from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Former Deputy General Manager and Financial Director of Sanjiu Pharmaceutical
Former Chairman of Wuhan Haijili Biology
Former Professor at Zhongnan University of Finance and Law
Qu Dingkun
Chief Financial Officer
Personal Profile
Professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Pathology at the University of California, San Diego, United States
Editorial board members of multiple international academic journals (such as JBC, MCB)
Published over 100 papers in internationall
Gensheng Feng
Clinical Medical Advisor
Personal Profile
Director of Breast and Thyroid Surgery, People's Hospital of Wuhan University
Professor, chief physician, doctoral supervisor
Vice Chairman of the Breast Professional Committee of the Hubei Anti-Cancer Association.
Leader of the Breast Cancer Preventio
Sun Shengrong
Clinical Medical Advisor
Personal Profile
Director of the Laboratory Department of the Second Affiliated People's Hospital of Hainan Medical College
Visiting Professors at Hainan University and Hainan Medical College
Research direction: Immunodiagnosis, Immunoprophylaxis, and Immunotherapy of D
Zhu Zhongyuan
Clinical Medical Advisor
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